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Nano Area:
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D.Sc.: Technion 1997

M.Sc.: Chemical Engineering, Technion, 1991

B.Sc.: Chemical Engineering, Technion, 1989


Main Nano Field: Nanostructured polymers for biomedical applications.


Research interests: 

*Nano-materials for biomedical applications: tissue adhesives, biosynthetic scaffolds for tissue engineering

*Self-assembly of biomimetic amphiphiles

*Physical characterization of biological, biomedical and biomimetic nano-systems

*Our research activities focus on the development of novel polymeric systems to be used in a range of biotechnological and biomedical applications. Furthermore, we aim at gaining an insight into the relationships between the nanostructure of the polymers, their properties and their biological or biomedical performance.  To achieve our goals, we are utilizing a range of advanced physical characterization methods such as small-angle x-ray and neutron scattering, x-ray and neutron reflectivity, electron microscopy, microcalorimetry, mechanical properties and more. We have also setup a state of the art facility for dynamic and static light scattering, which is being used campus-wide.