Yachin Cohen



Nano Area:
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Ph.D.: Polymer Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1987

M.Sc.: Chemistry, Weizmann Institute 1980

B.Sc.: Chemical engineeirng, Technion 1977


Main Nano Field: Carbon-based materials, dispersion and processing of carbon nanotubes for functional nanocomposites, small-angle x-ray and neutron scattering.

Research interest:

*Dispersion and processing of carbon nanotubes with polymers

*Functional polymer nano-composites

*Self-assembled structures in polymer-surfactant systems

*Deformation of block copolymer nanostructures

*Polymers interacting with carbon nanotubes  are used to aid dispersion and functionality. We study by electron microscopy and neutron scattering the conformation of polymers around CNTs in solution and fabrication of useful structures from these dispersion by electrospinning. Some examples: electrodes for fuel cells oxidizing glucose; a reinforcing interlayer in composite materials for enhanced mechanical properties.  Superacids were shown to dissolve carbon nanotubes and grapheme as molecular entities. We are studying the structure of concentrated phases in these systems directed towards self-assembly in particular as high-performance fibers. Amphiphlic block copolymers form membranes   of controlled porosity with enhanced flux by self-assembly by a specific casting process. We study the mechanism of structure formation relative to the membrane function. Celulose is the most abundant and sustainable raw material, but is difficult to process as a polymer. We develop porous cellulose structures by dissolution in ionic liquids, gelation and drying by a proprietary silylation process.