Eitan Kimmel

Personal Home Page:

Ph.D.: BME, Technion 1984

M.Sc.: BME, Technion 1979

B.Sc.: Aeronautical Eng. Technion 1973


Main Nano Field: motion of nanoparticles and intracellular organelles to investigate local viscoelastic properties of cells and mechanotransduction underload.

Research Interests:

*Bio nanotechnology and medical applications 

*Controlling biological processes in cells and tissues of the cardiovascular system regarding e.g. generation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), or blocking blood supply to tumors, using therapeutic ultrasound. Mechanical loading are induced by either high frequency, low intensity continuous wave ultrasound; or pulsed, high intensity focused ultrasound: a targeted, non-invasive therapeutic tool 

*Using microrheology methodology of tracking nano-beads movements in cell cytoplasm for deriving viscoelastic properties of cells such as stiffness and loss modulus, and for studying remodeling processes of the cytoskeleton