Estee Kurant



Nano Area:
+972-4-8295383, +972-52-7476206
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PhD:  faculty of Medicine, Technion, 2001 

MSc:  faculty of Biology, Technion, 1996

BSc:  faculty of Biology, Technion, 1994

Nano Main Field: The focus of our research is the mechanistic study of elimination of superfluous or aberrant cells through apoptosis and subsequent phagocytosis. We use the Drosophila embryo as a model system. The apoptotic cell surface suffers multiple nano alterations, such as changes in surface charge, appearance of new proteins on the plasma membrane, as well as oxidation of lipids. We monitor these specific changes on the apoptotic particles’ surface and complimentary changes on the phagocyte membrane using fluorescent labeling in vivo. We also aim to modulate phagocytosis using nanoparticles covered with specific ligands of apoptotic cells. These particles can be used to increase phagocytosis of specific cells or reduce phagocytosis by blocking phagocytic receptors. This basic research can provide a crucial complement to more clinical approaches in the field. 

Research Interests:

*Cell biology 

*Developmental biology