Hossam Haick



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Ph.D.: Chemical Engineering, Technion, 2002

B.Sc.: Chemical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, 1998


Main Nano Field:

Nanomaterial-based artificial olfactory systems and (opto)electronic devices.

Research Interests


The current research of the LNBD team harnesses nanotechnology and medicine to develop and test a tailor-made, non-invasive array of nanosensors for the detection of volatile biomarkers that will indicate an increased risk of disease (e.g., lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, Kidney Disease, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) and assist clinicians to decide for the proper therapy algorithm. To achieve these goals, we develop a tool that is based on an artificial (electronic) nose, which makes use of cross-selective and sensitive sensor arrays that are trained in their ensemble to detect disease biomarkers. We term this new Nano Artificial NOSE concept ‘NA-NOSE’. This ‘NA-NOSE’ is used to screen and identify high risk groups for specific disease, and monitor the therapy provided to people affected by that disease to establish point-of-care diagnostics and less invasive treatments. The ‘NA-NOSE’ is used for lab-track analysis and, in parallel, for clinical-track analyses. The LNBD research includes seven essential phases of materials developments, device development, system integration, testing of the ‘NA-NOSE’ in lab and clinical environments, application of the ‘NA-NOSE’ to disease diagnosis, wide spread screening of high-risk population, guiding surgery, success monitoring of therapy to foster personalized and thus least invasive therapy, basic research e.g. gene profiling, categorizing sub-types of disease, understanding causes of the diseases and dissemination as well as exploitation of project results/hardware.