Yeshayahu Lifshitz



Nano Area:
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Ph.D.: Weizmann Institute 1985

M.Sc.: Physics, Tel Aviv University 1976

B.Sc.: Physics and Mathematics, Hebrew University 1968


Main Nano Field:


Nanostructuring of silicon and semiconducting nanowires by thermal CVD, energetic particle deposition.


Research Interests:

Growth and properties of silicon and other semiconducting nanowires

Nanostructuring films by energetic species (C, Si, MoS2, WS2)

Diamond and cBN nucleation and growth

 Y. Lifshitz applies two different approaches for nanostructuring: (i) “self assembly” methods utilizing laser ablation and/or thermal chemical vapor deposition (furnace systems) to grow nanostructures (e.g. nanowires) of semiconducting materials (mainly Si and ZnO nanowires), (ii) energetic particle bombardment to nanostructure amorphous, fullerenelike and nanocrystalline films of carbon. The first topic focuses on establishment a correlation between growth parameters and the structure/morphology of the nanowires also trying to elucidate the growth mechanisms. The second topic utilizes energetic species to tailor and fine tune the structure and corresponding properties. The carbon films obtained include amorphous carbon films with properties varying between those of graphite and those of diamond, graphitic films with their basal planes perpendicular to the surface and highly porous carbon films