Boaz Pokroy



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Ph.D.: Materials Engineering, Technion 2006

M.Sc.: Materials Engineering, Technion, 2003

B.Sc.: Materials Engineering and Chemistry, Technion 2000


Main Nano Field:

Nano  Materials and Nano Particles

Research Interests

·         Organic/inorganic interfaces.

·         Biomimetic nano-crystal growth.

·         Interactions between organic molecules and inorganic surfaces.

·         Self Assembed Monolayers (SAMs).

·         Smart Responsive surfaces.

·         Biomineralization.

Wettability of surfaces

Nature is replete with materials, which are superior to their man-made counterparts. More specifically, in the course of Biomineralization (the formation of minerals in nature) at least 70 biominerals are deposited. The nucleation and growth of these crystals is highly controlled via organic/inorganic interfaces.

In our lab these hybrid interfaces are studied both in biological systems as well as in biomimetic systems. This is in order to learn how these interfaces control the mineral crystal structure, orientation, morphology and shape and to be able to mimic and engineer such hybrid organic/inorganic interfaces.   

We also study the specific interaction of different biological molecules with inorganic surfaces and investigate the formation of atomic steps on the surface of coinage thin films.