Guy Ramon

Personal Home Page:

PhD: Environmental Engineering (direct track), Technion, 2010

BSc: Environmental Engineering, Technion, 2004

Nano Main Field:

transport and deposition of nano-particles and colloids onto permeable surfaces as well as the effect of surface morphology (e.g., roughness, nano-structuring by polymer grafting etc.), on deposition propensity. These topics are relevant and important for understanding how material deposits in membrane separation processes, in blood vessels and environmental flows. I am also interested in transport through composite materials made of polymer- nanoparticle mixtures, and their modified interfacial properties. 


Research Interests

My interests lie at the intersection of transport phenomena (fluid mechanics, mass transfer, electro-kinetics) with colloidal science and surface science. Examples include solute and solvent transport through composite membranes as affected by their morphology and the addition of nanoparticles; membrane formation through interfacial mass exchange and reactions; deposition of colloids and bacteria onto permeable surfaces; biofilm development and its interaction with a flowing environment, and energy production from low-grade heat and salinity gradients.