Nir Tessler



Nano Area:
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Ph.D.: Technion, 1995

M.Sc.: Electrical Enineering, Technion 1992, 

B.Sc.: Suma Cum Laude, Electrical Engineering, Technion 1989


Nano Main Field:

Junctions and networks of oligonucleotide-conjugated polymer and polypeptide-conjugate polymer hybrids, organic-inorganic nanocomposites for semiconducting polymers and optoelectronic devices.


Research Interests

Conducting, semi-conducting and light emitting organic materials

This includes photo-physical processes (including laser action and micro-cavities), transport of charges and of electron-hole pairs (executions), processing of devices and circuits (diodes, transistors, detectors)

Also, the combination between synthetic and natural (biological) polymers as a tool to extend the understanding and scope of each separate system

New device structures and processing procedures