Yoed Tsur



Nano Area:
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Ph.D.: Technion 1998

B.A.: Physics, Technion 1988

Main Nano Field:

Electroceramics, synthesis stabilization and characterization of nanopowders.


Research Interests

Synthesis and development of oxide materials for nanotechnology

Point defect chemistry; electroceramics and electroceramic devices

Agglomerate strength in nanomaterials

Impedance measurements and analysis; detection and analysis of out of range phenomena and ill-posed problems

We learn and develop synthesis routes to obtain and stabilize nanopowders, in particular of ceramic materials. This includes hydrothermal synthesis of barium titanate (pure and doped); hydrolysis of titania and titania-niobia solid solutions; hydrolysis of zinc peroxide nanoparticles and production of zinc oxide nanoparticles; combustion synthesis of perovskites and of silver embedded in carbon nanoparticles. Metallic nanoparticles in solutions are also investigated. Great deal of our efforts in this area is directed to the development of simple, inexpensive and preferably water based routes