Avi Shpigelman

Personal Home Page:

PhD: Biotechnology, Technion IIT, 2012

MSc: Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Technion IIT, 2008

BSc: Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Technion IIT, 2002

Nano Main Field: The relation between the processing to the nanostructure of biopolymers and the consecutive effect on their functionality is of the highest importance for advancement in the fields of food and biotechnology.

Both proteins and polysaccharides nanostructure can be manipulated by various processing. In my research I focus of the effects high pressure as a novel and promising processing technology with major implications to the nano and microstructure of materials.

Research Interests:

-Novel Processing Technologies -(Nano) structure of biopolymers (proteins, polysaccharides)

-Food bioactives (polyphenols, vitamins etc. ) and their stability during the different production stages from “farm to fork”

-The process-structure-function relation of fruit and vegetable based system