Amir Rosental

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PhD: Department of Electrical Engineering, Tehcnion, 2006

BSc: Department of Electrical Engineering, Tehcnion, 2002


One of the main goals of my research is the development of miniaturized detectors of ultrasound using a silicon-photonics platform. These detectors may achieve a performance level unattainable by their piezoelectric counterparts and may enable the development of new medical devices. The small dimensions of the detectors also offers new opportunities for significant enhancement in sensitivity via mechanical signal amplification. To achieve these goals, a combination of micro- and nano-fabrication tools are required in addition to the development of novel interferometric architectures.  

Research Interests: Optoacoustic (photoacoustic) imaging systems; Ultra-sensitive ultrasound detection; Interferometric systems; Minimally invasive imaging procedures; Tomographic inverse problems